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Shiny Magikarp!  by Ippei35 Shiny Magikarp! :iconippei35:Ippei35 2 0 Cartoons into Anime: RC9GN  by Ippei35 Cartoons into Anime: RC9GN :iconippei35:Ippei35 2 0 Cartoons into Anime: RC9GN (part 2) by Ippei35 Cartoons into Anime: RC9GN (part 2) :iconippei35:Ippei35 0 0 Cartoons into Anime: RC9GN (Part 1) by Ippei35 Cartoons into Anime: RC9GN (Part 1) :iconippei35:Ippei35 4 0 Fez, the manga-drawing cat by Ippei35 Fez, the manga-drawing cat :iconippei35:Ippei35 9 3 Oni the Growlithe  by Ippei35 Oni the Growlithe :iconippei35:Ippei35 6 0 Fez's Meowth TF by Ippei35 Fez's Meowth TF :iconippei35:Ippei35 4 9 WIP Meowth TF  by Ippei35 WIP Meowth TF :iconippei35:Ippei35 0 2
A New Fire (Part 5: A Training Catastrophe)
Sanpei, Nihei, Ippei and Alain were in the fields, where the farmers work. It was wide and a lot of wheat grew. There were a lot of ninja's and pokemon working. The place was absolutely beautiful.
Alain: (Wow!)
Sanpei: Alain, you look amazed.
Sanpei: Do you like the place?
Alain nodded with joy and decided to walk around for a little bit until they heard Oni's voice.
Oni: Hey guys!
Ippei: Oh Oni, you're early.
Ippei: Are you here for Alain already?
Oni: No, I was just looking for you guys.
Ippei: Why so concern Oni?
Oni: Because my boss wants to see you.
Ippei: Oh, well we'll meet him later.
Oni: Why?
Ippei: I have to train Alain first.
Oni: What?!
Ippei: I'll see your boss maybe on 9 o'clock, okay?
Oni: Fine, I'll watch you guys "train".
Later, they walked to the center of the fields. Ippei checked Alain if he has problems with his body or not.
Ippei: Hmm... It looks like you're alright Alain. Now time to train.
Alain: (Yeah!)
Ippei: Now Alain, try to breathe fire at that scare
:iconippei35:Ippei35 0 0
A New Fire (Part 4: A Stay at Ninja Village)
When Ippei finally reached the middle of a forest, it was raining and 7:15pm but he decided to let go of Alain and sit down.
Ippei: Man, I'm tired.
Alain: (Umm...sir)
Ippei: Yeah?
Alain: (Sir, what's your name? )
Ippei: I'm Ippei
Alain: (Well sir I'm...)
Ippei: You don't have to introduce yourself.
Alain: (What?)
Ippei: You're Alain, the assistant who was cursed by the new pokemon to be a Pokemon.
Alain: (How did you know and who told you?)
Ippei: Hmm, oh, Oni's flying robot, Wheatley, is a video camera.
Ippei: He can record things quickly AND even broadcast it live.
Alain: (So it can livestream things?)
Ippei: Yes,  and it's fast like lightning so it's able to see crime from the air and Oni instantly comes to the scene while it's happening.
Alain: (So they fight crime together?)
Ippei: Yep, they're an amazing Duo.
They didn't know Wheatley, Oni's shiny Druddigon and Oni were spying on them the whole time. Ippei stood up and stretched  and told Alain...
Ippei: Well Alain, sin
:iconippei35:Ippei35 0 0
A New Fire (Part 3: Alain's New Body)
Alain was about to wake up. He blinked a few times and got up. He felt hot, like he was burning.
Alain: *groans* Ugh... What happened? Why do I feel like I'm burning up.
Alain: Am I a Charmander already?
He looked around and he notices that he was in his personal lab room. He stood up and checked the mirror. When he looked at the mirror,  he notices that he had small fangs. He opened his mouth and he saw that his teeth was all sharp and pointed. He also has some orange scales on his fingers and ears.
Alain: Is it dawn already?!  I need to tell Prof. Sycamore.
Alain ran towards the door and he tied to open it, but it was locked. Alain knocked on the door,  worried and kept on saying...
Alain: Prof. Sycamore, open the door please. Mairin, Chespie?
He heard police sirens and people talking. He looked at a window and saw vans belonging to the DPLJ or Department of Pokemon Leagues and Justice. He saw a ninja-looking cyborg with spikey, blond hair and red eyes. His right eye w
:iconippei35:Ippei35 3 1
A New Fire (Part 2: The Cave of The Beast)
It was already night, it was dark and quiet,  Alain was absolutely tired of running away from Professor Sycamore and walking. He decided to sit down for a bit. He saw a small pond, so decided to drink from it. The water of the pond was clean, fresh and cold,  perfect for Alain.
Alain: Finally, some water.
He drank the water and washed his face.
Alain: So cool,  so fresh.
Alain: *yawns* Man,  I'm tired. Maybe I should camp here for the night.
When he was about to settle down,  colorful lights glistened behind a big bush, which Alain wondered...
Alain: Are those the light of the glowing crystals of the cave?  Am I finally here at the cave?
Alain walked through the bush,  and Alain was absolutely relieved that he was finally there,  the cave, where the new pokemon resides. Alain was so relieved that he actually shouted...
Shortly after,  two familiar voices s
:iconippei35:Ippei35 1 9
A New Fire (Part 1: A New Adventure)
Prof. Sycamore and Mairin were talking to three,  injured hikers.  One was day, the other one was thin while the last one was normal. The fat hiker grabbed Prof.  Sycamore's lab coat and said...
Fat hiker: I know this might interest you professor, but...
Thin hiker: We were attacked...
All of the hikers: IT ALMOST KILLED US!
The three hikers hugged each other and whined like babies. Mairin whispered to Prof.  Sycamore...
Mairin: They are so childish
Sycamore: Don't say that.  It's rude.
Mairin: Sorry.
Prof. Sycamore approached the hikers and said...
Sycamore: Tell me what the pokemon looks like.
Fat hiker: Oh well,  maybe I should tell you. After all, you are the professor.
Fat hiker: Okay,  it had devilish, light green eyes and big paws.
Thin hiker: It had very sharp fangs and has three pairs of wings.
Normal hiker: It was big,  fast and it glows in the dark.
Sycamore: Hmm... Very interesting.
Sycamore: Wher
:iconippei35:Ippei35 1 29
Smoke's new look (changed) by Ippei35 Smoke's new look (changed) :iconippei35:Ippei35 8 0 My Pokemon Team in Pokemon Brick Bronze(in Roblox) by Ippei35 My Pokemon Team in Pokemon Brick Bronze(in Roblox) :iconippei35:Ippei35 3 0 Aeriane's adventure look by Ippei35 Aeriane's adventure look :iconippei35:Ippei35 5 0


Jewelpet, Meet Perla by GreninjaFanGirl Jewelpet, Meet Perla :icongreninjafangirl:GreninjaFanGirl 9 11 (commission) Jewelpet TF by GreninjaFanGirl (commission) Jewelpet TF :icongreninjafangirl:GreninjaFanGirl 11 2
Hugh's Liepard TF story [Commissioned]
Holding the strange, emerald coloured jewel in his hand, Hugh stepped outside of the Pokemon Center, wondering what this strange little artefact he had found was. Finding it idly on the side of the path, a sparkling gem was quite a sight to see... Had someone lost it? It certainly seemed that way... But whom? He looked up and down the street, unsure of what to do with. He should probably search out the police station and turn it into lost and found... But at the same time, he COULD just keep it, if he couldn't find the owner...
The gem suddenly sparkled, reacting to his unpleasant thoughts, shining brightly in his face as Hugh shielded his eyes, screwing up his face as he stared at it. Hey, what gives! Why was it sparkling like that?
He turned to face the gem, holding it outstretched from him to protect his eyes... but quickly noticed the sudden, yellow hairs beginning to sprout on his fingers, spreading onto them as he felt them tingle. Letting out a sudden yelp he dropped them
:iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 3 0
Sketch by IshioShima Sketch :iconishioshima:IshioShima 8 0 Deviant by IshioShima Deviant :iconishioshima:IshioShima 7 0 Devianttt by IshioShima Devianttt :iconishioshima:IshioShima 6 0 Nomifinja lineart animation - Tumblr Request by IshioShima Nomifinja lineart animation - Tumblr Request :iconishioshima:IshioShima 9 0 Process Animation - Practice by IshioShima Process Animation - Practice :iconishioshima:IshioShima 8 2 Tengu - Scrap by IshioShima Tengu - Scrap :iconishioshima:IshioShima 6 11 Serperior TF by GreninjaFanGirl Serperior TF :icongreninjafangirl:GreninjaFanGirl 15 8 Nomifinja color animation - Tumblr Request by IshioShima Nomifinja color animation - Tumblr Request :iconishioshima:IshioShima 9 0 Tengu by IshioShima Tengu :iconishioshima:IshioShima 12 5 Nomicon - dump by IshioShima Nomicon - dump :iconishioshima:IshioShima 14 11 Ninjafan by IshioShima Ninjafan :iconishioshima:IshioShima 15 14 Nomifinja by IshioShima Nomifinja :iconishioshima:IshioShima 16 12 Randy _ Naruto - Tumblr request by IshioShima Randy _ Naruto - Tumblr request :iconishioshima:IshioShima 22 13



Shiny Magikarp!
I used to have a shiny Magikarp and here's a picture of it.
Cartoons into Anime: RC9GN
Done. I'M FREE!

While drawing...

First Ninja:
Pros= Head, face and headband was easy to draw.
Cons= Body, proportion and pose was hard to draw, literally.

Pros= Body, scarf and pose was easy to draw.
Cons: I can't draw his face and eyes properly.

RC9GN is always going to be my most favorite cartoon ever.
Cartoons into Anime: RC9GN (Part 1)
This cartoon ninja is one of my favorite characters in the ninjashow and IT WAS ABSOLUTELY HARD TO DRAW HIM IN ANIME! But I have to draw my other favorite character on the same paper. Someone help me.
Sorry if I'm a little bit inactive. There's not enough artistic motivation for me. I've been doing a lot of things in other social media like Tumblr and even post my art in my Tumblr but not on DeviantArt. The reason is that I'm a little bit shy of posting the art because some of you guys might not know the show of what the art is based of and the show is a cartoon, not an anime. Sorry if there's only a few tf, which is also in bad quality. I hope you guys understand and if you guys want me to post the art I was talking about, tell me. :-)


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Ariane M. Pablo
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Hi! Ariane here. I love pokemon and ninjas for a long time so i hope u understand me. Here's a little list to know more about me:


Ippei,Nihei,Sanpei,Smoke,Ash,Hansei,Saizo,Oni,Aeriane,Kagetomo,Heidayu,Shinobu,Hanzo and more OCs to come

Fav. Pokemon:




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